Road March

Saint Lucia Road March Tunes
Performer Song Year
Mac 11 "Partners" 2016
Ricky T & Superman HD "Perfect Storm" 2015
J Mouse "Hurt It" 2014
Ricky T "Mass Attack" 2013
Soca Syco "Gallop" 2012
 Ricky T  "Mad Ting" 2011
DJ HP "Pa Mele" 2010
RICKY T "Like a Jumbie" 2009
RICKY T "Wheel & Come Again" 2008
RICKY T "Pressure Boom" 2007
RICKY T and VERTEX  (Tie*) "In Your Container" and "My Pressue Up" 2006
NICOLE "Bounce" 2005
ALPHA "Down De Raod" 2004
X-MAN "Pee-Pee in My Poo Poo" 2003
INVADER "Bo Bee Wia Wooyea" 2002
INVADER "Bè Lè Lèsh" 2001
ROOTSY "Hiliary" 2000
INVADER "Take My Money" 1999
JAUNTY "Military Jam" 1998
TWOP CHANS "Hospital Burning" 1997
JAUNTY "Bobolist" 1996
JAUNTY "We Shall Hop" 1995
STYLISH BLACK "Okay, Okay" 1994
JAUNTY "Ooh La Lay" 1993
INVADER "Vieux Nom Sa La" 1992
BUFFALO and INVADER (Tie*) "Manje" and "Whine Down Willam Peter" (Tie*) 1991
TRANSLATOR "Ninja" ("Ninja in Saint Lucia") 1990
EDUCATOR "Calypso Tyson" 1989
CHIPPY "Second Hand Needle" 1988
INSPECTOR REDS "Zodi, Zodi" 1987
ASHANTI "Sufferer's Song" ("Malaway") 1986
INVADER "Carnal Knowledge" 1985
SHAKEY "Twavay Mwen Vlé" 1984
INVADER "Yellow Man" 1983
GET THRU "What De People Chanting" 1982
JACKSON "Guy Love Dance" 1981
Lucian Parrot "Leave Me Alone" 1980
BARRIE "Sailor In De Band" 1979
PELAY "Sweet Suzette" 1978
PRINCE "Doh Smoke Dope" 1977
  Tune from Trinidad 1976
  Tune from Trinidad 1975
  Tune from Trinidad 1974
DESPER "Popham'72" 1973
  Tune from Trinidad 1972
  Tune from Trinidad 1971
  Tune from Trinidad 1970
PELAY "Jump,Jump,Jump" 1969