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Intellectual Property

What does it have to do with Carnival anyway?

  • Intellectual Property - sounds intellectual, but it simply refers to works of creativity. Creativity is critical to our development as a Nation.
  • Carnival what better time to see creativity

Persons spend hours, sleepless nights designing and making costumes, composing, writing lyrics and performing and they need to be rewarded for their hard work. So that’s where intellectual property comes in. The concept behind intellectual property is the protection of creativity by giving the maker of the creative work the right to prevent others from using, reproducing or adapting his work without his/her permission. You must have heard of copyright, well copyright is the protection granted to an author of a literary, dramatic or musical work. With this protection, the author can prevent others from reproducing his work without his/her permission thereby depriving him of vital ‘bread and butter.’ The songwriter, composer, performer may not be the same person, but each contributes an element of creativity and enjoys copy right protection. Respecting other people’s rights is what we want to promote. So musicians, calypsonians, safeguard your rights. Don’t allow persons to think they have a right to take YOUR HARD work without permission and profit from it.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY A means of protecting your creativity and ensuring that persons do not steal your work. So next time you hear intellectual property, just think:

  • Protecting creativity
  • Protecting my right to profit from my creativity
  • Protecting my pocket
  • Protecting someone’s livelihood
  • Protecting someone’s right to profit from his/her creativity
  • Intellectual Property