Groovy Soca Monarch Criteria

LYRICS 20 POINTS Thematic development

  • catchiness of hook line
  • appropriateness of language
  • effectiveness of rhymes

MUSIC 55 POINTS i. Melody Line 20 points

  • catchiness of melody line and chorus
  • short melodic lines

ii. Arrangement 20 points

  • how it enhances the basic melodic structure
  • use of instruments: string, wind, percussion etc

iii Groove 15 points

  • marriage of lyric & music (phrasing must differ from traditional kaiso)
  • mode must suit theme
  • dancability (should cause audience to swing and sway and not jump and prance)

PERFORMANCE   25 POINTS 1. Rendition  15 points

  • clarity, intonation, timing, enunciation, mood, conviction, pitch, adherence to key

2. Presentation  10 points

  • body language
  • use of stage
  • appropriateness of dress
  • effective use of props