Carnival Queen Criteria

Costume (30 points)

  • Creativity/Authenticity (10) Concept relating to the idea and theme being portrayed.
  • Visual Impact (5) Dramatic impact on the viewers' visual and emotional senses.
  • Portability (10) The comfort or ease with which the costume is carried so as to highlight design. The use of space.
  • Craftsmanship (5) Assessment of the costume, quality of finish, neatness, blending of colours

Talent (25 points)

  • The Idea (10) Originality/Treatment of theme/Research
  • Artistic Merit (10) The artistic content of the performance eg. choreography, musicality, interpretation, emotion.
  • Scenography (5) Space setting, accessories, lighting element, costumes.

Evening Wear (25 points)

  • Design (10) An assessment of the garment itself, fabric, cut, fit, style, colour.
  • Visual Impact (5) The impression that is created/Dramatic impact on the viewers visual and emotional senses.
  • Performance (10) An assessment of the contestant herself, poise, deportment, demeanor, presentation of self, stage presence.

Interview (20 points)

  • Content/Relevance (10) Accuracy and appropriateness of response relevant to the question.
  • Delivery (5) Voice, body language, poise, confidence.
  • Fluency (5) Verbal attributes.