Caribbean Soca Monarchs

Performer Country Song Year
No Competition     2012
No Competition     2011
Ricky T Saint Lucia "Cwa Stop It" 2010
Ricky T Saint Lucia "Like a Jumbie" 2009
Ricky T Saint Lucia "Wheel & Come Again" 2008
Ninja Dan Saint Lucia "Rise" 2007
Mista Vybe Trinidad & Tobago "Ting for the Road" 2006
Oronde "Bomani" Charles St. Vincent "Who Am I" 2005
Mantius Cazabon Saint Lucia "We Making Love" 2004
Mantius Cazabon Saint Lucia "I Doing A Ting" 2003
David "Pung Wa" Patrick St. Kitts-Nevis "Pussy & Tony" 2002
Godfrey Dublin St. Vincent & the Grenadines "To Take Away" 2001