Calypso Monarchs

Saint Lucia Calypso Monarchs
Menelle "Menelle" Delice 2016 "Rivers of Blood" & ""People Power"
Wulstan “Walleigh” Alfred 2015 "Koudmain" and "Robots"
Wulstan “Walleigh” Alfred 2014 “Stich Reform” written by Delthia Naitram and “Street Vibes” written by Walleigh; both songs were arranged by Timothy Mondesir
Menelle "Menelle" Delice 2013 "Kenny is King" & "So So Love"
Nintus "Nintus" Magre 2012 "I Pray for You" & "Ti Way"
Menelle "Minelle" Delice 2011 "Two Toms" & "Rebellious Youth" Written By: Naihum Jn. Baptiste Arranged By: Deland "D Sax" St. Jules
Ignatius "De Invada" Tissin 2010 "Stay in Your Section" & "Leave My Beaches Alone"
Desmond "Mighty Pep" Long 2009 "Taking a Chance" & "Get Off"
Anthony Sylvester Lewis "Herb Black" 2008 “What You Bringing" & "Suzette”
Menelle "Minelle" Delice 2007 "Still Holding On" & "Pass It On"
Jason "Bachelor" Joseph 2006 "Condom" & "No Man is an Island"
Wulstan “Walleigh” Alfred 2005 "Where De Money Gone" & "Destination Moon (Lunar)"
Janny Williams "Janny" 2004 "Having a Baby" & "Tribute To My Greats of Calypso"
Jeff "Mighty Pelay" Elva 2003 "Nostradamus" & "Pusher"
Desmond "Mighty Pep" Long 2002 "Escape to Death" & "Last Days"
Terry "T.C. Brown" Cadet 2001 "I Like" & "Pan In Heaven"
Lady Spice 2000 "This Woman Vex" & "Can't Find That Man"
Jason" Bachelor" Joseph 1999 "I Saw What You did Last Night" & "Lights, Camera, Action"
Herman "Ashanti" Hippolyte 1998 "Prices too High" & "They Lose"
Protus "De Educator" Auguste 1997 "Let La" & "National Cake"
No Competition 1996  
Desmond "Mighty Pep" Long 1995 "The Will" & "Crime Wave"
Desmond "Mighty Pep" Long 1994 "Calypso Farewell" & "Alien"
Ignatius "De Invada" Tissin 1993 "King Tonight" & "Salbot"
Desmond "Mighty Pep" Long 1992 "Bab Camawad" & "Rags to Riches"
Herman "Ashanti" Hippolyte 1991 "Jail" & "Shanti Tell Dem So"
Herman "Ashanti" Hippolyte 1990 "Growing Population" & "Dem Alcoholics"
Protus "De Educator" Auguste 1989 "Calypso Tyson" & "This is Saint Lucia"
Desmond "Mighty Pep" Long 1988 "En Bas Gorge La" & "Vagrant"
Desmond "Mighty Pep" Long 1987 "Unborn Child" & "Learn from them"
Ignatius "De Invada" Tissin 1986 "Apartheid" & "War Games"
Ignatius "De Invada" Tissin 1985 "Carnal Knowledge" & "Help We Father"
Controller 1984 "5 Years of Freedom" & "Stop Destruction"
De Professor 1983 "You Have De Ring" & "Jackass"
Lord Inferior 1982 "No Segregation" & "More Concern"
Protus "De Educator" Auguste 1981 "Mem Kon Arrow" & "Caribbean Unity"
Lord Jackson 1980 "Proclamation" & "Guy Love Dance"
King Barrie 1979 "Sailor Man"
Mighty Pelay 1978 "Sweet Suzette" & "Tribute to Roddie Walcott"
Mighty Prince 1977 "Don't Smoke Dope"
Phophet Haggai 1976 "Independance" & "Rasta"
Lord Carro 1975 "Local George Bailey" & "From Whence We Came"
Lord Carro 1974 "Adam" & "Pirate"
Mighty Desper 1973 "Popham '72"
Mighty Pelay 1972 "Ladies Fashons" & "Venice"
Mighty Pelay 1971 "If" & "Jump Jump Jump"
Mighty Pelay 1970 "Jackass Transport"
Mighty Pelay 1969 "Some Women Nicer" & "Mister Watch Your Skin"
Lord Zandoli 1968  
Lord Zandoli 1967  
Mighty Terra 1966  
No Competition 1965  
No Competition 1964  
Mighty Terra 1963  
Mighty Terra 1962  
Mighty Terra 1961  
Mighty Terra 1960  
Mighty Terra 1959  
Mighty Terra 1958  
Mighty Terra 1957