2013 Gros Islet Carnival Queen Pageant

CHARLENE MOHAMMED works at The Landings St. Lucia as an Administrator in the Water Sports department and also a part time professional Dancer for the Fire Eating and Limbo Dancer Group popularly known as Stars Incorporated; she is also a senior member of Sofyerie Promotions a vibrant Marketing and Promotions Agency.

As a young and energetic individual Charlene enjoys the outdoors, especially adventurous tours, hosting family events, promoting & marketing goods and services, dancing, singing and being a role model to the young generation in her community; she is also very spiritual, loving and compassionate. 

Charlene would like to one day open a home for abused and neglected children, a future plan she holds dear to her heart, it is her way of giving back to her community; she believes that everything is possible through the light of God.



KADIJHA MASON’S wining achievement at the 2011 Miss St. Lucia Talented Teen afforded her the opportunity to represent St. Lucia in Basseterre St. Kitts at the Miss Caribbean Talented Teen. Her exposure to pageantry is one of the mediums she believes will continue to sculpt and develop her talents and individuality.

A Dancer for eight years Kadijha first began dancing with famous St. Lucian Dance Master “COCKY” and four years later began dancing professionally with the Silver Shadow Dance Academy.

Kadijha aspires to becoming an Artistic Director, and believes her knowledge in performing arts will prepare her holistically.   She perceive the arts to be very instrumental in her life as it has made her more driven and focused on her career and personal goals..

With hard work and perseverance and her continued training in the Performing Arts Kadijha hopes on becoming an outstanding ambassador in her Community, but more importantly for the YOUTH in Saint Lucia.



SHAUNA MENALD has two sisters and four brothers and resides at Corinth, Gros-Islet; she is employed at the 1st National Bank, St. Lucia Limited and work within the Customer Support Department.   She is a senior member of SoFyerie Promotions which is a Local Marketing and Promotions Agency and has been modeling Carnival Costumes from 2008, initially for the band TOXIK and JUST 4 Fun Carnival Band from 2012.  Shauna is an enthusiastic, articulate individual, who loves interacting with people; she enjoys listening to all genres of music, going to the beach and hanging out with family and friends.

With a passion for Marketing, Shauna plans on building her career in an endeavor to attaining her goal as a Marketing Manager and aspire to owning and directing a large Marketing Firm.



VELMA SOODY believes in her island’s culture, especially the local dances and music and, until recently she was attached to the Helen Folk Dancers.   She has a passion for singing, however lately she has a new - found love for Diving and enjoys exploring what lies beneath the Ocean.  Velma is a Certified PADI Open water diver.  Apart from this awesome activity she enjoys hiking and thus far, has explored the top of Gros Piton on two occasions.  This powerhouse athlete takes her health very seriously and is obsessed with her exercise routine and eating habits, and boasts to the fact that she only puts quality food into her body.

She believes in making every experience count and this is her main reason for participating in this years Miss Gros Islet Carnival Queen Pageant.  A resident of the Gros Islet community Velma is currently employed with Carnival Sailing St. Lucia. 

Her aspiration is to educate herself in the field of Criminal Psychology and Underwater Search and Rescue.



ENDY WILLIAM migrated to Toronto, Canada at fifteen (15) and attended the Park dale Collegiate Institute and later the George Harvey Collegiate Institute - she graduated with a high school Diploma.  During this time she volunteered at The Scott Mission Shelter, helping the homeless and the Needy; this experience was fulfilling to her, she could relate to those people and their feelings, she admits that helping people in however small a capacity is what gives life true meaning.

Endy finds personal strength, love and protection in words of wisdom from her beloved mother – Miss Sarah Williams for her life is truly an inspiration.

In 2012 after spending seven years abroad, Endy returned to St. Lucia during which time she registered for a two month course in Effective Speaking at the NRDF, she believes this training will serve as a stepping stone towards her ultimate goal of becoming a journalist.  She is presently employed at the Boardwalk Bar at the Rodney Bar Marina. 

Endy’s most famous words and belief is a Quote from the late Mother Theresa - “be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies”



NOVELLA ST. JUSTE is motivated by her love for learning and succeeding and continues striving to become one of the most outstanding women in today’s society. She gets pleasure from reading, dancing, modeling and cooking, and found these hobbies incredibly relaxing. After graduating in 2010 from the Sir Ira Simmons Secondary school, Novella opted to pursue a two year Diploma in Travel and Tourism at the National Research and Development Foundation; she goes by the motto - “Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to earn it to win it”.

When her imagination is not being set ablaze by the printed word, Novella engages herself in watching a good movie that portrays lessons for everyday living.  One of her favourite movies is Beauty and the Beast, which illustrates the yearning for a life beyond the present hustle; fascination; callousness and retribution; love and family; and of course, a happy ending.

Novella sense of adventure and entrepreneurship will lead her in the not too distant future to traveling the world and to eventually return to her homeland St. Lucia to open her very own Bakery -- making the most delightful and delicious cakes and pastries.



SHIRLIAN PHILLIP at the blossoming age of twenty one possesses the qualities of a true queen. She is talented, charismatic, generous, charming and ambitious.  In 2008 she was asked to compete in her school’s pageant and placed 2nd runner up. The experience she admits was very educational and has helped her to evolve from being shy and reserved to a candid, flamboyant individual.  That initial experience has tremendously improved her self esteem and has given her the additional confidence necessary to pursue other pageants such as Miss Gros islet Carnival Queen, however, her main pageant ambition is to become one of Saint Lucia’s Beauty Queen’s and the opportunity to represent her Country at a few Regional and International Pageants.

Shirlian is an avid reader, during her leisure time she writes short stories and poetry; her inspiration comes from Hon. Derek Walcott who at the age of 18, made his debut with Twenty Five (25) Poems, Hon. Walcott founded the Trinidad Theatre Workshop which produced many of his early plays; Shirlian continues to read about this famous St. Lucian poet, who in 1992 was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.; although Shirlian was only a toddler at the time of this award, she grew up admiring the WORKS of Hon Derek Walcott, he has made our country and our people proud, he is her inspiration, she admires his tenacity and style.   Shirlian wish to one day meet the Hon Derek Walcott a hope she holds dear to her heart.



In 2008 JANEL PIERRE travelled to Canada where she studied Childhood Education at the Toronto York Dale Adult Learning Centre and received a Certificate in Early Childhood Education, she interned at the Church of the Messiah Day Care Centre and returned to St. Lucia in 2012.  While studying in Canada Janel used her free time to volunteer at the Youth Assisting Youth organization.   This opportunity enabled her to mentor and work with children on a One on One basis, this ability further enhanced her passion for dealing with children outside a classroom, particularly in cases with matters relating to Bullying and Social Development.

Notwithstanding Janel’s passion for the performing arts and her aspirations to develop herself as a Performer, her goal is to further her education in the field of Social Work.  

Janel hopes to work with Underprivileged or at Risk Youths and Children with Special Needs with the objective to someday manage an organization for students with Learning Disabilities; she also feels the need to develop an outreach programme to assist persons in abusive relationships or homes.

Janel’s desire is to educate everyone on the “Importance of Encouraging Individuality”, because every one learns and develops at their own pace, People will not achieve the same goals at the same point in their lives