2013 Carnival Queen Contestants

Amy StephenAmy  Stephen - Born August 25th 1993. Originally from the village of Anse-La-Raye. Amy is from a musically oriented family and has a deep love and passion for music and the arts. Amy has participated in a few pageants before. Her motivation to enter the National Carnival Queen Pageant stems from her interest in Saint Lucia’s culture.

Amy says that Carnival is filled with excitement and a great sense of individual expression and this has directly influenced her love for this cultural activity. The rebranding of carnival this year has also served as an incentive to enter the pageant, which she believes, is a good initiative. The infusion of poetry, dance and drama into the festival increases the uniqueness of the season thus making it more marketable to tourist. Amy hopes that such an initiative will not be taken lightly and that more consideration by all stakeholders as in this respect will improve Carnival as a product making it more lucrative as well as enhances the true Carnival spirit.


J'aimee JosephJ'aimee Joseph - Born 9th October 1993 and resides in the community of Vieux-fort. J’Aimee is a former student of the Vieux-Fort Comprehensive Secondary School and who then proceeded to the school’s A’Level Department in September where she graduated in 2012 receiving awards including the top scholar for European and Caribbean History and the Wayne Louis award. She also held the title of Miss Campus B in the year 2009.

J’Aimee decided to participate in this year’s Carnival Queen Pageant not only because it allows her to meet new people but also because it is an opportunity to develop herself as an individual, especially in the area of public speaking, which she has identified as a vital component of pageantry.

She says that Saint Lucia’s carnival celebration has lost its essence to a certain extent as it is now portrayed as an event that promotes delinquent behavior and the overuse of alcohol. She believes it can be an activity, which displays togetherness among St. Lucians, and celebrates and encourages local talent, such as soca music, which is prominent during carnival time. Moreover carnival is a favorable time to encourage tourists to visit our island and in turn, increasing our country’s revenue.

Jamara SmithJamara  Smith - Born 16th January, 1990 was raised in the southern tip of the island, Vieux-Fort. She attended the Vieux-Fort Comprehensive Secondary School and then the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College and also studied at Monroe College.

Jamara decided to participate in the National Carnival Queen Pageant because it is an amazing experience and an opportunity for her to be part of such a prestigious event where she can showcase her talent and intellect. She thinks St. Lucia’s Carnival celebrations continue to provide an avenue for designers and artists to showcase their creativity in costume design, song writing, music production and event management whilst creating an exciting atmosphere where citizens of all ages can socialize whilst appreciating the creative abilities of our people. 

In her opinion carnival has the potential to evolve into a bigger event that does not only cater to St. Lucians but can tap into our tourism sector as well. This she believes is possible if the initiative is taken to involve individual with fresh ideas and new approaches for example active involvement of the youth not only in the revelry aspect but the designing, organizing, marketing and management of Carnival and its associated activities. 

Macy BrisfereMacy BrisfereBorn on August 29th 1992 and raised in the community of Bexon.  Mary enjoys dancing, which has been part of my life for a few years now, and is an avid member of the Silver Shadow Performing Arts Academy.

She graduated from the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School in 2009 when she walked away with the Top Achiever Award for Theatre Arts (Dance). She then attended the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College before holding a brief teaching position at the Gros Islet Secondary School where she taught Theatre Arts and Social Studies.

As a dancer she gets to express herself through movement, however the pageant would require her to be an ambassador, and she will prepare herself to be a well rounded individual fit for the post. Mary, who has been involved in the carnival celebration for a few years, suggests that the partakers and revelers of the celebration need to embrace and continue building the Art form so the true essence of MAS will not be lost.

Michelle St ClairMichelle St ClairA strong and confident child was born 14th January 1991. Michelle attended the George Charles Secondary School where she was a member of the Theater, Netball and Red Cross clubs. In growing up I have always cared about the welfare and health of people and with this passion I am currently enrolled in a Nursing Program commencing this September.

At the age of 11 Michelle remembered standing by the roadside watching the carnival queens go by waving. Their beautiful outfits, their smiles and how incredible they looked and had a powerful impact on her, and since then she’s dreamt of becoming a Carnival Queen. She intends to work hard to develop herself and strongly believes “no matter your beginnings, you can be whatever you want to be without limiting yourself.” Michelle believes it will be fun and embraces the exposure.

Michelle is looking forward to contributing to the culture, the music and the greatness this event provides. St Lucia has a lot of talent and this is the perfect stage to showcase it.

Seriah JohnSeriah John - Born on 16th November 1991. She is from the Castries South -East constituency of Ti-colon.  At the 2009 Graduation Ceremony of the Ciceron Secondary School, she was awarded the prize for the Most Outstanding Student.  Thereafter, she completed studies at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, obtaining A’Level passes in Business Studies, Accounting, Economics and Communication Studies.

Seriah is passionate and heavily involved in youth development, being a member of the National Youth Choir, acting with the Zaneida Group and was also on the National Student Council as Treasurer at Ciceron Secondary School.

She views this pageant as a stepping-stone to becoming a young entrepreneur who can contribute to my Saint Lucia’s sustainable development. Seriah also sees this pageant as an opportunity to turn her weaknesses into strengths and develop her hidden potential.

She says that what makes Saint Lucia Carnival unique is the presence of all cultural art forms like theatre, music, dance, song, costumes and drama. On Carnival Day everyone is carefree; it is an opportunity to come together in dazzling and colourful costumes throughout the streets of Castries and to have fun as one Nation.

Zena GeorgeZena GeorgeBorn on the 12th of APRIL 1991. Originally from the wonderful fishing village of Dennery. She attended the Dennery infant school for one year and then transferred to the Camille Henry memorial school. She enjoyed her childhood growing up in the Castries and travelling to Dennery during the summer vacations.

At eleven she wrote the common entrance examination and succeeded to the then new Ciceron Secondary School.  It exciting to be among the first set of student to attend this school.  Her participation in the Saint Lucia cadet corps, and the schools net ball team, helped develop attributes of good leadership, promote physical fitness and stimulate her interest in personal and community development. She attended the Sir Arthur Lewis community college southern division to further my studies in the administrative field.

In 2012 she auditioned for the Dennery carnival queen pageant and was the first runner up. The experience has inspired her to press on and take on new challenges including competing in this year’s National Carnival Queen Pageant. Although she has not been a regular reveler, Zena truly enjoys the carnival season, the creativity of the song writers and arrangers in capturing what has happen socially for the past year, the costume builders with their use of themes and colours and the feeling of ease, and free expression from everyone you meet its absolutely amazing and my best time of year.